Micro Geared Motor-Features, Advantages and Applications

A micro geared motor is a motor that is assembled into a whole by a micro precision gear box and a micro motor. Because the speed of a single motor is too high or the torque is too small, it is often unable to meet the needs of many people. In this case, a micro geared motor is an ideal and perfect solution. Below, I will briefly introduce the characteristics, advantages and applications of micro geared motors.


Micro geared motors are miniaturized DC motors with low power, which are commonly used in various power energy equipment. It has the following characteristics:

1. The miniature deceleration motor can automatically reduce the speed according to the size of the load to achieve a larger starting torque.

2. Micro gear motors have different characteristics due to different excitation methods. Micro AC motors have the characteristics of large starting torque and hard mechanical characteristics. It is suitable for low-power DC drives, such as electric toys, electric tools, audio equipment, automotive electrical appliances, etc., and the speed does not change much when the load changes.

3. The efficiency of the miniature gear motor is generally higher than that of other types of motors. For limited installation locations, micro motors are more suitable.

4. The output power of the miniature geared motor is the same, because the volume of the motor is generally relatively small.


The working principle of the micro gear motor is to drive the rotor of the starter to rotate through electromagnetic induction, and the pinion on the rotor drives the flywheel of the engine to rotate. The air motor in the electric motor is the prime mover with compressed air as the working medium. It is a powerful device that converts pressure energy into mechanical energy using the expansion of compressed gas.

Although the structure and working principles of various types of air motors differ, most air motors have the following advantages:

1. It can realize stepless speed regulation. As long as the opening of the intake valve or exhaust valve is controlled, that is, the flow of compressed air is controlled, the output power and speed of the motor can be adjusted. The purpose of adjusting speed and power can be achieved.

2. Strong adaptability. It is not affected by vibration, high temperature, electromagnetic, radiation, etc., suitable for harsh working environment, and can work normally under unfavorable conditions such as flammable, explosive, high temperature, vibration, humidity, dust, etc.


Micro gear motors are widely used in various small light industrial machinery, packaging, food, textile, cosmetic (beauty) machinery, printing equipment, instrumentation and other fields. It can also be seen in surgical procedures and various automated equipment and production lines.

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